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Sep 26, 2018

This week Dr. Fergus speaks with Austin based Dr. Dino Pappas (Airrosti Clinics) about the benefits of integrating athletic training intake practices in a clinical setting. In addition they discuss updating discharge criteria to make sure that time, money and resources aren't wasted for both Doctor and Patient. 

Listener Resources:

See Dr. Pappas's video on the Mechanical Assessment Pyramid 

See Dr. Pappas's video on the The Transition from Clinic to Clinical Practice

Read Dr. Pappa's article on how to initiate, strengthen and maintain DC-ATC Relationships

Link to Dr. Pappas's ICS Article on Discharge Criteria for LBP

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Jun 7, 2018

Dr. Fergus speaks with Dr. Tom Teter of Engineering Athletes about how he implements fitness and progressive resistance as part of patient care.

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Music Credit: Opening Track by Scott Holmes

Apr 6, 2017

Today Dr. Benjamin Fergus and Dr. Robert Newhalfen sit down with Micheal Shacklock prior to class on his 4-day presentation in Chicago. 

Michael Shacklock is the founding director and principal instructor of Neurodunamic Solutions (NDS), the author of the international best-seller textbook Clinical Neurodynamics, and active published researcher on the mechanical function of the nervous system. Beyond these credentials, he is a downright great guy to talk to and brings an eyes-open creative process to the application of current literature into practical evaluation and treatment techniques. 

With Michael, we discuss his background, the early days of NDS, general vs specific clinical applications, and neuroprotective strategies. 

See Michael's offerings on the NDS website linked HERE.

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See Dr. Fergus' Evanston and Skokie IL clinic websites HERE & HERE

See Dr. Robert Newhalfen's NW Indiana Clinic Website HERE.

Dec 11, 2016

Dr. Benjamin Fergus is the founder of GRIP Approach - a rehabilitation and performance based approach and educational company. 

In this episode he discusses the strategy of 'flipping planes' in a clinical or performance setting to gain functional range of motion.

There are certain movements that are needed for daily activities, for unhindered locomotion, for lifting and athletic tasks, etc. When we experience a limit to the movement quantity needed for these tasks, we begin to pay for it with compensated movement quality. 

When a functional range of motion deficit is is noticed, we need to determine wether this deficit is produced by an articular limitation, a connective tissue or soft tissue restriction, or a lack of appropriate motor control. Often, we are capable of much greater movement quantity than what we demonstrate in activity or when tested. We begin to limit the movements that we own or can adequately control in ranges that we are scared of, have been previously injured in, have no experience or map of, or that we have underused for months or years. 

This podcast discusses these concepts of movement deficiency as well as an easy strategy to gain functional range of motion without having to directly attack the tissues. 

We aslo toss around fun terms like:
-Movement Humunculus
-Shearing Load
-Movement Capacity
-Fear Avoidance
-Efficiency-Based Catabolic Effects
-Illumination of Proprioceptively Dark Ranges of Motion

This is our inaugural podcast! Give us some comments and share with your colleagues. There's more to come...